"The thousands of resources within AirCorps Library will be critical to our efforts in keeping these historic aircraft maintained and operating safely."

Bernie Vasquez
Texas Flying Legends Director of Maintenance & Warbird pilot

"Just a note to say thank you for the job you are doing on getting detailed information about Warbirds out to the interested public. My interest is in liquid-cooled engines, particularly the Allison V-1710. It is little known that Allison specified that a restrictor should be fitted in the cylinder head vent line to the coolant header tank. I had a need to know where it was actually located on the P-40N, and what were its dimensions. In less than 10 minutes on your website I found the relevant drawings, including the detailed drawing for the restrictor! Thank you, I don't know where else I could have found it; and this was not my first such success story. Keep up the good work!"

Dan Whitney
Author of Vee's for Victory: The Story of the Allison V-1710 Aircraft Engine

"AirCorps Library has given our type club the ability to release thousands of manufacturing drawings to our member base. The drawings have helped infinitely in the restoration and preservation of Howard vintage aircraft."

Elliot Block
Mechanical Engineer and Document Curator / Historical Consultant for the Howard Aircraft Foundation

"As a small part of the FG-1D 90250 Corsair for the Warbird Heritage Foundation, I was working with the films directly on an old reader… Since using the remastered drawings from AirCorps, I have found the clarity, detail, ability to enlarge without pixelation to be invaluable! The ability to search by part number and find multiple copies for most drawings is great. If you are part of a project or just an enthusiast, you NEED this! Thank you to everyone at AirCorps for their hard work and dedication of the preservation of history."

Scott Dennison
Dennison Enterprises LLC

"We have been using the B-25 information and quickly learned that we can instantly find things in 15 or 20 seconds that with our microfilm rolls would have taken 10 minutes. AirCorps Library is super fast and such a time saver. The quality of the digitized data, plus the ability to zoom is fantastic."

John Hopkins
EAA #763327 Manager, Aircraft Maintenance EAA

"I have found the Air Corps library to be an essential tool in my restoration business as I always get challenged by my customers. Their ability to digitize the microfilm to make it usable is fantastic. I have access to all drawings as well as the reference material. Without this resource, life would be more complicated and expensive. Thanks to the Team for making this knowledge available to all. A great resource!"

Scott Dennison
Dennison Enterprises PLC